Testamentary freedom – Ilott v The Blue Cross and others

Judgment finally lays to rest this extraordinarily long-running litigation saga.

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Rediscovering the Fault-Lines: the impact of Owens v Owens

Ben Fearnley from 29 Bedford Row reviews the recent case of Owens v Owens and what it says about the state of divorce law.

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Drafting dilemmas following Owens v Owens

Mena Ruparel takes us through how unreasonable behaviour petitions should be drafted following the recent ruling in Owens v Owens.

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Children: Public Law Update (March 2017)

John Tughan QC of 4 Paper Buildings focuses on recent decisions relating to claims for damages (and other relief) under the Human Rights Act 1998.

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Commentary on the House of Commons Justice Committee Report on implications of Brexit for the justice system

David Hodson analyses and comments upon the Parliamentary reports published this past week on the implications of Brexit for the justice system.

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How not to get married' (or what happens when you do not know if you are married / divorced / remarried): K v K [2016] EWHC 3380 (Fam)

Nullity when there is a voidable marriage abroad.

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No inherent jurisdiction for local authority to fund wardship proceedings: HB v A Local Authority [2017] EWHC 524 (Fam)

HB v A Local Authority and  Another (Wardship: Costs Funding Order) [2017] EWHC 524 (Fam), MacDonald J operates on three important levels.

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Ilott - Upholding Testamentary Freedom

Mark Jones, barrister, Three Dr Johnson’s Buildings, examines the judgment in the first Inheritance Act appeal to be heard by the Supreme Court and its implications for future claims.

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Best interests, available options, and case management before the Court of Protection – the Supreme Court pronounces

In N v ACCG [2017] UKSC 22, the Supreme Court has now pronounced definitively upon what the Court of Protection should do where is a dispute between the providers or funders of health or social services for a person lacking the capacity to make the decision for himself as to what services should be provided to him either between the person’s family or, by analogy, by those acting on behalf of the person.

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Maintenance, Needs and Fairness

Amy Scollan, Associate, Hunters Solicitors considers the issue of “fairness” in relation to maintenance and variations of maintenance.

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Changes over the centuries in the financial consequences of divorce

Address to the University of Bristol Law Club by Lord Wilson, 20 March 2017.

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The stellar contribution claim

Is the ‘stellar contribution’ argument fair and just, asks Julian Hawkhead.

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