United Kingdom: Divorce - TV's Scottish Perspective

Anybody home before 7.30pm yesterday may have caught ITV's Tonight programme on "Divorce: For Richer or Poorer", asking whether England and Wales' divorce laws are fair?

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Children: Public Law Update (May 2010)

John Tughan, of 4 Paper Buildings, reviews the key decisions in children public law over the past few months.

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The Cost of Justice

In my first week as Family Law PSL at Jordans, "cuts" appears to be the media watchword of the minute.

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All change?

Last week David Cameron and Nick Clegg announced the coalition's five year programme for government.

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Cafcass's role in the spotlight: to advise or to safeguard?

Polarised opinions exist about the core functions of Cafcass. Camilla Pemberton talks to Cafcass chief executive Anthony Douglas and the body's critics about the clash of priorities.

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"A very complex area"

Last week there was a very sad story of loss in the papers, which raises again the issue of minors and consent and this whole rather delicate area of who can give consent in medical treatment where children are concerned.

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Government needs to further encourage ADR in family justice system

Last week I wrote about the financial constraints which are impeding the operation of the family justice system to the detriment of children and parents.

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Unnecessary Cafcass delays

Earlier this week one of my clients received judgment on his wife's application to relocate overseas with their children... The hearing was due to have taken place last November.

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The 'second-wife impact' and ancillary relief: Vaughan v Vaughan [2010] EWCA Civ 349

Andrew Commins of St John's Chambers examines the impact of remarriage in ancillary relief cases.

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Moving abroad: should parents be on an equal footing?

In this increasingly global world, many families relocate but following the breakdown of a marriage the desire of one parent to move abroad can be a cause of an emotional and legal tug of war.

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