Shackled by the need to file a marriage certificate

In the Brussels II race to issue, English solicitors are often first to the chequered flag.

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Relocation? Relocation? Relocation?

Writing in these pages on 14 June David Hodson drew attention to the Washington Declaration on International Family Relocation.

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Paying for Natural Parenthood

On 16 June 2010 at the Children Law and Practice Conference, Madeleine Reardon spoke about the meaning and significance of "natural parenthood". Coincidentally, the same day Moylan J gave judgment in the case of T v B 2010 EWHC 1444 (Fam) as to whether the applicant mother's former lesbian partner was a "parent" for the purposes of a financial application under Schedule 1 Children Act 1989.

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Who's your daddy?

DNA tests are available for fathers who believe they may be victims of paternity fraud, but should practitioners always advise clients to get tested before making any financial arrangements?

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Family Law Week's Budget Briefing

Changes to CGT and VAT impact on family lawyers.

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Pleading the Fifth Amendment – the privilege against self-incrimination

Sarah Lucy Cooper of Thomas More Chambers considers whether parties to family proceedings do have to answer every question or produce every requested document.

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Let the vuvuzelas sound: domestic abuse must be condemned

"... unlike England, South Africa is one of a number of discretionary based family law jurisdictions which in appropriate cases condemns domestic abuse in the actual outcomes on divorce finance."

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Voice of the child, publicity and child witnesses

During the last 5 years increasing importance has been attached to hearing the voice of the child in family law proceedings.

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Suffer any wrong that can be done you rather than come here!

No litigation is cheap, certainly not litigation concerning matrimonial finance.

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Relocation! Relocation! Relocation!

"...whereas child abduction has at least two major international conventions supported by governments of over 70 countries with relatively harmonised law and approach, child relocation has no uniformity of approach, of law and of international convention. Until now."

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Beyond Radmacher

While we (still) wait for the judgment of the Supreme Court in Radmacher v Granatino Lord Justice Thorpe's thought-provoking Keynote Speech to the Jordans Family Property and Finance Conference on 9 June serves as a timely reminder of the wider issues of international and particularly European family law facing us.

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Children, Schools and Families Act 2010

Part II of this Act contains provisions enabling wider the reporting of family proceedings, within a scheme which is consistent for all levels of court rather than differing according to the court hearing the proceedings as at present.

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The Importance of Non-Legal Skills in Private Law Disputes Relating to Children: A Mediator's Perspective

Lisa Parkinson, a family mediator and trainer, responds to a recent article by Richard Gregorian and Gavin Emerson concerning the need for psychological insight when working with separating or divorcing parents.

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A tale of two Presidents

Sir Mark Potter's five year tenure as President of the Family Division was far from uneventful. During a period that saw intense interest in the workings of the Family Justice System, despite (or perhaps because of) his background as a commercial practitioner and judge, history will show that his tenure was a success.

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Family law reform required

Reading through the press, two recent headlines immediately grabbed my attention.

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Enhanced cooperation on EU divorces receives green light

On Friday 4 June 2010, the Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) Council of the EU authorised the first "enhanced cooperation" in the history of the European Union.

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Surrogacy Arrangements - A Twin Dilemma

Goodman Derrick LLP was instructed by a married couple in connection with an application for Parental Orders in relation to twin girls who had been born in the United States as the result of a surrogacy agreement.

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"A spectacle that has no place in an intelligent society"

In the news last week you could not have missed the outcome of the trial at the Old Bailey of the now youngest ever sex offenders in Britain.

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