A right to privacy or a cheat's charter?

In 177 carefully crafted paragraphs the Court of Appeal yesterday rewrote the rules of engagement in matrimonial finance cases.

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Tchenguiz v Imerman; Imerman v Imerman [2010] EWCA Civ 908

Interlocutory appeal and cross-appeal in ancillary relief proceedings relating to Hildebrand rules. Order upheld that W deliver obtained files to H's solicitors (and retain no copies) and that W and her solicitors be restrained, at least for the time being, from using any information they might have gained from reading the files.

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The Imerman Effect - A Cheat's Charter?

The Court of Appeal this morning delivered judgment in the long awaited case of Tchenguiz and Others v Imerman [2010] EWCA Civ 908.

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From Russia with a forged divorce: Part II

In last week's comment, I referred to the remarks by LJ Thorpe in the Court of Appeal in Golubovich [2010] EWCA 180, a jurisdiction dispute involving a wealthy Russian family.

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Pre-pay and top-up - a wider Schedule 1 jurisdiction?

Charles J recently gave judgment in CF v KM [2010] EWHC 1754 (fam).

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Equal time or quality time?

Last week Bill Binley, the Conservative MP for Northampton South tabled his private member's "Shared Parenting Bill".

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Surveillance and Child Protection: De-mystifying the Trojan Horse

The Trojan Horse theory of Child Protection, as this scholarship may broadly be termed, alleges the misuse of Child Protection powers for ulterior motives.

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From Russia with a forged divorce

The controversial comments made by LJ Thorpe last Tuesday in the Court of Appeal in Golubovich [2010] EWCA 180 raise many issues, on some of which there is comment this week with some of the bigger policy issues dealt with next week.

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Relocation of Children - Part 2

In the second part of her two-part review of relocation law, Clare Renton of 29 Bedford Row looks at the practicalities of relocation cases, both international and domestic.

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Cutting the cost of family lawyers: I get knocked down but I get up again...

Due to the coalition government's emergency budget and swingeing public sector cuts looming on the horizon, I cannot open a newspaper these days without reading about the impending double dip recession.

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Golubovich v Golubovich

Delivering the lead judgment on Tuesday in Golubovich v Golubovich [2010] EWCA Civ 810, Lord Justice Thorpe concluded with a withering assault on "the rich who fight to establish priority" between competing jurisdictions to try their divorces.

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Barder appeals – recent developments

There has recently been a series of Barder appeals, all based upon a significant change in the value of an asset soon after the final order was made.

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Things to worry about...

I see that there has been a dramatic increase in forced marriages - among men.

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The international pensions black hole

The Supreme Court decision in Agbaje (2010) UKSC 13 created excellent fairness and justice opportunities for international families to seek some financial provision here after inadequate provision from a foreign divorce.

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International Relocation of Children

In the first part of a two-part review of relocation law, Clare Renton of 29 Bedford Row looks at recent developments, including the decision of Mostyn J in Re AR.

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Misconceptions, mistrust and missed opportunities

In Independent News & Media v A the Court of Appeal gave permission for the media to attend Court of Protection proceedings relating to a talented disabled musician, whose biography was already in the public domain.

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Legal Update: Adoption cases

Ed Mitchell examines recent court cases concerning adoption, including an important ruling on the date of placement and the courts' view of publicity.

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English conference leads the way for international children

Last week the Centre for Family Law and Practice, London Metropolitan University held perhaps the most important international family law conference ever to take place in England.

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International Children Law Update - July 2010

In the first of a regular series Jacqueline Renton of 4 Paper Buildings reviews the latest key developments in international children law.

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Family Justice under the microscope

So, it has begun. The long trailed Family Law Review was announced on Wednesday with a "call for evidence" launched by the Review Panel.

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Payneful Decisions

There has been considerable debate concerning leave to remove (LTR) cases following the comments made by Lord Justice Wall and Mr Justice Mostyn in Re D (Children) [2010] EWCA Civ 50 and Re AR (A Child: Relocation) [2010] EWHC 1346 (Fam) respectively.

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