International relocation and child abduction: two sides of a different coin?

This week, in E (Children) UKSC 2011/0084, the Supreme Court heard argument about the correct approach to the Article 13(b) exception to the duty to return under the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.

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Wealth Protection On Divorce In The Middle East: An Expatriate’s Guide To Ante-Nuptial Agreements - To Have And To Hold Or Not?

Most people living in the UK will know that the courts of England and Wales can make financial orders on divorce that can affect worldwide wealth (capital and income).

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Jurisdictional bases in new draft divorce petitions

Attached to the new FPR 2010 is a draft divorce petition, as it was to the 1991 Rules. However it will cause confusion and extra work for lawyers and courts as it does not include the separate Article 3 Brussels II jurisdictional grounds.

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Children: Private Law Update (May 2011)

Alex Verdan QC of 4 Paper Buildings reviews recent judgments and rule changes relating to private law children proceedings.

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Court of Protection Update (May 2011)

Sally Bradley, of 4 Paper Buildings considers a range of issues that have recently come before the Court of Protection.

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The race to litigate or leg it

One of the recommendations of the (interim) Family Justice Review is that parents be given a leaflet when they register the birth of their child providing an introduction to the meaning and practical implications of parental responsibility.

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Parent residence orders and relocation

One of the most difficult decisions a family judge can be called on to make is whether to grant permission to a parent with a residence order to relocate outside the jurisdiction of England and Wales.

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Should parties to family disputes be required to mediate?

For a number of years mediation has been recognised as being a form of alternative dispute resolution. In appropriate cases it has been an option considered by parties as a way of trying to compromise their family disputes.

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The High Court sitting on a Mediterranean beach

Mr Justice Mostyn received thoroughly unfair newspaper criticism last Sunday 24 April 2011, and in a way which did no good for perceptions about family justice.

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