Mr Justice Moylan gives a boost to spouses with inherited wealth

In a recent decision in the High Court Mr Justice Moylan has given encouragement to spouses who seek to preserve inherited or pre-acquired wealth.

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Legal aspects of living under the same roof during divorce: the Rise of the “Mid-Nuptial Agreement"

Alison Hawes, Partner, Irwin Mitchell LLP reviews the practical problems and associated legal issues that can arise where parties want to divorce but the principal asset cannot be realised because of a stagnant property market.

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Landmark divorce case could stop expats moving children 'home'

Last month, an expat Canadian was forbidden from taking her two young children back to her home country after a divorce. The case, says lawyer Henry Brookman, could set a precedent.

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More litigants in person will threaten the county courts with additional delays

The House of Commons’ justice committee, chaired by Sir Alan Beith MP, predicts an increasing number of litigants in person by reason of the government’s curtailment of legal aid. We are told courts must make ‘adjustments’ to cope with this influx ‘in what are often emotionally charged cases’.

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Will children's centres reduce the number of children in care?

Will the launch of payment-by-results pilots at some children's centres, better protect and help at-risk children?

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Growing problem of child abduction

Almost every other day a child is abducted from England and Wales to a country where they are unprotected by international conventions to ensure their return home.

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The best-performing family court in the country

Derby's designated family judge, James Orrell, presides over the best performing family court in the country.

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UK rejects EU draft Marital Property Regimes Regulation

The UK has decided not to opt into the draft EU marital property regimes Regulation, published in March 2011.

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Relocation: Reform? Comments from the Relocation Campaign

Michael Robinson of The Custody Minefield and Relocation Campaign responds to the recent articles by Richard Gregorian and Gavin Emerson concerning leave to remove applications, Payne v Payne and post-Payne developments.

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Ofsted begins shake-up of children's services inspections following review

Ofsted has given a clear indication of how children's services inspections will work in the future in its consultation on the child protection system.

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Discretion - Variation on a theme

The more difficult cases are where there is not enough capital to rehouse both spouses and/or where periodical payments are an inevitable part of any package.

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Human Rights and Family Law Summer Update 2011

Deirdre Fottrell, of Coram Chambers and Lecturer in Law at the Human Rights Centre, University of Essex, reviews recent family law cases in which human rights issues have been of special importance.

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A Fair Hearing?

Every solicitor owes a duty of confidentiality to their client but in most family cases that confidentiality is extended by virtue of the restrictions on reporting.

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