If we think the family courts in England are bad...!

It is very easy for us to become despondent when working daily in the family courts including dealings with the LSC, the CSA and others. There is rarely sign of improvement. There are too often signs of deteriorating standards through public service cuts. We must however recognise our fortunate position working in the family justice system in England in contrast to our colleagues, family law specialists, in other jurisdictions.

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Children Proceedings after Parental Murder – How Should They be Funded?

Rebecca Stevens, Solicitor-Advocate with Withy King Solicitors, considers the funding issues faced when resolving issues relating to the children of a murdered parent.

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The wake-up call of Baby P

Peter's death has led to social workers who fear risk but are less naive about deceitful abusers.

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German precision and Spanish practices

One of the most important things when dealing with a case with an international element is never to presume the foreign law will be the same as England even if it looks similar.

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Unless orders - securing a party’s compliance

Unless orders (otherwise known as Hadkinson orders) were established in Hadkinson v Hadkinson [1952] P 285, CA. Although still relatively uncommon, there has been a series of reported cases where the power has been used by the courts over the last few years.

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International Children Law Update - September 2011

Jacqueline Renton of 4 Paper Buildings reviews the latest key decisions in international children law.

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Setting the Record Straight

The judgments in the Victoria Haigh case have now been published, reported as Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council v Watson [2011] EWHC B15 (Fam) and Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council v Haigh [2011] EWHC B16 (Fam).

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Children: Private Law Update (September 2011)

Alex Verdan QC reviews the most significant of the latest judgments in private law Children applications, including the important decisions of the Court of Appeal relating to leave to remove.

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A cool summer for international family law

If it was going to be the coldest summer for many years, then perhaps not the worst time to spend it indoors with the Redbook!

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