Welfare Reform Act 2012

Nicola Rowlings, PSL at Mills & Reeve, explains the changes that are happening to the benefits system as a result of the Welfare Reform Act 2012.

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Before the Flood? The 1996 Hague Convention in the English Courts

Duncan Ranton, Solicitor and Consultant with Bishop & Sewell LLP, considers the impact of the 1996 Hague Convention and the first judgment in the English courts to consider the treaty.

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Legal Aid Update 2013 - what you need to know

As from 1 April 2013, legal aid will be reformed and it is important that all family practitioners know the extent to which legal aid will be available after that date for family work. This note is intended to provide a quick guide to private law family lawyers and does not deal with the process after legal aid eligibility has been determined.

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What social workers need to know about new child protection guidance

The revised Working Together guidance will not reduce the bureaucratic burden, despite claims to the contrary.

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Human Rights and Family Law Spring Update 2013

Deirdre Fottrell, barrister of Coram Chambers, reviews recent cases involving human rights issues which are of significance to family lawyers.

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Samantha Bangham's Week in Cases

Samantha Bangham looks at the week's case highlights.

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Disproportionate costs and Children Act 1989 Sch 1 orders

Two Family Division judges have recently berated two couples for their disproportionate expenditure on funding their litigation.

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Family Law Week’s Budget Briefing 2013

Jan Ellis, chartered accountant, of Ellis Foster LLP, a firm which specialises in advising family lawyers on tax-related family law issues, explains the budget changes of most relevance to practitioners.

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Facilitating the Return of Abducted Children - The judgment of the European Court of Human Rights

Esther Lieu, a Pupil at Coram Chambers, and Adam Weiss, Legal Director, The AIRE Centre, explain the ECtHR's recent decision in Raw v France which considered, amongst other matters, the enforcement of court orders and the circumstances in which a parent could represent their children in Strasbourg proceedings.

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The Cost of Care……The position following the Tower Hamlets decision

Jacqui Thomas, barrister of 37 Park Square Chambers, Leeds, considers the implications of the recent Tower Hamlets judgment for the cost of kinship care.

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All about the evidence

Anna Heenan examines the implications of the latest in a long line of inherited assets cases.

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A new family court

"In all the excitement over Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 last year, and the Children and Families Bill this year, many family lawyers have overlooked the fact - trailed by a recommendation for a ‘single family court' in Family Justice Review - that in Crime and Courts Bill cl 16(3) and Sch 10 there is the statutory embodiment of what the Government intend for the recommendation." Says David Burrows.

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Family law arbitration wins

"Does this ring a bell? You sit opposite a client whose face gradually lengthens, whose mouth drops and whose eyes widen in dismay and disbelief as you describe how long it takes to bring matrimonial financial issues to a conclusion through the court litigation process." Asks Dennis Sheridan.

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The Children and Families Bill could undermine gender stereotypes

On 25 February, MPs passed the new Children and Families Bill at its second reading in the House of Commons. The bill extends the statutory rights – in employment and family law – that both parents have in their children’s upbringing.

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Modern divorce is a sad comedy

"Introduce no-fault divorce now and remedy the shabby state of affairs caused by craven politicians", says Philippa Dolan.

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Address by the President, Sir James Munby, at the Annual Dinner of the FLBA

This is the text of a speech delivered on 22 February 2013 at Middle Temple Hall.

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Evidence, Practice and Procedure: Judicial change of mind

"Generally, once a judge has made a decision, the court draws up and seals the order. Subject to any appeal and enforcement that is an end of the matter. It is not quite as simple as that says the Supreme Court in Re L and B (Children) [2013] UKSC 8."

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Evidence, Practice and Procedure: Uncertain control of interim applications at PRFD

Anarchy is too strong a word for it; but so far as anarchy means without rule (‘archy' comes from classical Greek arkhia meaning rule) it begins to apply. In S v M (Maintenance Pending Suit) [2012] EWHC 4109 (Fam) Coleridge J heard two appeals, in the same case, where district judges in the Principal Registry had made orders which seem to have overlooked the law (in certain important respects) and to have paid little regard to the relevant facts.

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Setting aside (Pt II)

Margaret Hatwood continues her examination of the increasing trend of parties asking for consent orders to be set aside.

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Children and same sex families: known biological fathers and contact: the decision in S v D and E / T v X and Y [2013] EWHC

"Where do parents and prospective parents stand after the very recent decision in the case of S v D and E?" Asks Marisa Allman.

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Finance and Divorce March 2013 Update

Anna Heenan, solicitor and David Salter, Joint Head of Family Law at Mills & Reeve LLP analyse February’s financial remedies and divorce news and cases.

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“Can’t We Make the Local Authority Pay for It?”

Andrew Pack, care lawyer with Brighton & Hove City Council, considers the court’s powers to compel a local authority to meet the costs of a particular action.

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Repatriation of EU family law powers, Part IV

David Hodson concludes his series examining areas where family law powers taken by the EU could (and should) pass back to the UK and other member states.

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