Using the Inherent Jurisdiction to Disrupt Child Exploitation

Heather Popley, barrister of No 5 Chambers, examines the innovative use of civil injunctions in the recent Birmingham case.

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Mediation Matters: Misquoting statistics will not help mediation’s cause

There was an awkward moment for Courts and Legal Aid Minister Shailesh Vara when he appeared before the Commons Justice Select Committee earlier this month and took questions about the impact of LASPO on mediation.

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E-Bundling – How Soon is Now?

Gawain Williams, Solicitor with Carmarthenshire County Council, describes the benefits of E-bundling as demonstrated by a project established for care proceedings in South West Wales.

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View from the Foot of the Tower: Two steps forward, two steps back

Following the recent batch of Court of Appeal authorities, which may or may not have coincidentally been timed with the decline in adoption statistics, the Court of Appeal have given a heavyweight judgment in Re R (A Child) [2014] EWCA Civ 1625.

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Gudanaviciene: legal aid guidance not compatible with a right to a fair trial

R (ota Gudanaviciene & Ors) v The Director of Legal Aid Casework & Ors [2014] EWCA Civ 1622 affects all applicants for legal aid for any form of civil proceedings, with family proceedings very much included.

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Care and placement orders – clarification following Re B-S

The President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, has today handed down judgment in Re R (A Child) [2014] EWCA Civ 1625 in which he has taken the opportunity to address what he refers to as the ‘widespread uncertainty, misunderstanding and confusion’ which has arisen since the decisions in Re B and Re B-S .

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Will the Government's Myth Buster document resolve the decline in adoption?

The aim of the document is to undo the perceived damage and misunderstandings caused by the September 2013 Re B and Re B-S cases.

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Chai v Peng Undermining the purpose of “forum conveniens?”

Tim Scott QC, Peter Duckworth and James Pullen, all of 29 Bedford Row who represented Dr Kay Peng Khoo in Chai v Peng, analyse the proceedings to date.

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Representing Transgendered Clients - a guide for family lawyers

Lyndsey Sambrooks-Wright, barrister of 2 Dr Johnson's Buildings, offers a guide to the Gender Recognition Act 2004.

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From civil partnership to marriage

From 10 December 2014 it will be possible to convert civil partnerships into marriage.

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Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division Keynote speech to Families Need Fathers AGM

Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division Keynote speech to Families Need Fathers AGM,16th November 2014.

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Finance & Divorce Update December 2014

Jessica Craigs, senior solicitor of Mills & Reeve LLP analyses the financial remedies and divorce news and cases published by Family Law Week during November.

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The pitfalls of hair testing

If there is any suggestion in children law proceedings of parental drug use, the court may direct that a hair test is required before determining the amount of time that a child can spend with that parent.

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Child abduction changes

Proposed amendments to child abduction legislation will have a far-reaching impact on family law, write Joanna Farrands and Helen Habershon.

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Costs in Family Law Cases – is further reform on its way?

Charlotte Trace of 29 Bedford Row considers this question in light of the three recently published cases concerning costs in family law proceedings: J v J, SB v MB and Re L.

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