Section 20 Children Act 1989: Consent, Not Coercion – Issue or be Damned

By Jacqui Gilliatt, barrister, and Amy Slingo, pupil, both of Four Brick Court.

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Baroness Hale addresses ALC Annual Conference on the child’s voice in family proceedings

On 20th November, Baroness Hale of Richmond, Deputy President of the Supreme Court, delivered the keynote speech at the Association of Lawyers for Children Annual Conference on the subject of the children's voice in family proceedings.

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Questioning the Use of Section 20

Judith Masson, Professor of Socio-legal Studies at the University of Bristol, considers section 20 of the Children Act 1989 within its broader historic, legal and practice context.

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If mediation's the answer to everything, what's the question?

This article was written in support of Resolution's fourth Family Dispute Resolution Week, running from 23-27 November 2015.

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Calderback to the future

Practitioners could be forgiven for believing that Calderbank offers (without prejudice offers that are only admissible in arguments as to costs at the conclusion of proceedings) are an extinct species.

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Immediate 9 month sentence for non-disclosure

Mostyn J has imposed an immediate 9-month custodial sentence, thought to be the longest immediate custody ever imposed for non-disclosure in the family courts on a husband who has systematically failed to comply with orders of the English court.

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“… this can no longer be tolerated”: a short guide to the correct use of section 20, Children Act 1989

Alex Laing, barrister of Coram Chambers, concludes his review of N (Children) (Adoption: Jurisdiction) by considering what the President said about section 20 agreements.

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Limping Infants and Article 15 BIIA: the “magisterial” judgment in In the Matter of N (Children) (Adoption: Jurisdiction)

Alex Laing, barrister of Coram Chambers, considers two aspects of the decision in N (Children) (Adoption: Jurisdiction): (1) the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales to order the non-consensual adoption of a foreign child; and (2) the construction and use of Article 15 of Brussels IIA to transfer care proceedings.

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Finance & Divorce Update November 2015

Edward Heaton, Principal Associate and Jane Booth, Associate, both of Mills & Reeve LLP analyse the news and case law relating to financial remedies and divorce during October 2015.

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