Extending the great safety net

In Al-Jeffery v Al-Jeffery, Holman J  has confirmed for the first time that the High Court can exercise an inherent protective jurisdiction over a vulnerable British adult on the basis of their nationality, even if they are not habitually resident in England and Wales.

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Seventeenth century Chinese porcelain, section 188 of the Law of Property Act 1925, and the family lawyer

Seventeenth century Chinese porcelain is not the obvious starting point for an important case on ownership of chattels. However, it was the context for the Chancery Division to consider the effect of s 188 of the Law of Property Act 1925 in Butler v Butler.

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Honour Based Violence in Children Act Proceedings: A Question of Allocation

Damian Stuart, barrister, FOURTEEN, considers how the family courts might better deal with allegations of honour based violence in the context of private law Children Act proceedings.

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The thin end of the wedge

Those who work at the coal face of family law should be properly consulted about potential changes to the system, writes Lucy Reed.

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What could this latest adoption judgment mean for social workers?

Will Re W change practice the way Re B and Re B-S did? Or will the adoption landscape stay the same?

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Can I use the Family Court to issue a freestanding TOLATA claim?

The Civil Courts Structure Review Report by Lord Justice Briggs, published at the end of July 2016, intends to provide clarity about the running of TOLATA claims to those who use the Family Court.

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The best interests of the child in the cultural setting

How should the test of the best interests of the child be seen in the context of active support for the child's cultural heritage and upbringing?

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After Goddard: what the Child Abuse Inquiry must do next

Natasha Phillips gives her view.

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14th View from the President’s Chambers: Care cases: Settlement conferences and the ‘tandem’ model

The President looks at two public law initiatives.

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Children: Public Law Update (August 2016)

John Tughan QC, 4 Paper Buildings, reviews recent decisions relevant to public children lawyers, including two important recent decisions of the Court of Appeal.

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The illegality defence, trusts of land and the family lawyer

The consequences of a conspiracy to commit an offence of insider dealing concerning RBS shares might not be of obvious interest to a family property lawyer.

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No presumption or right of a child to be brought up by their natural family

You may be aware that the recent Court of Appeal case of Re W [2016] EWCA Civ 793 has been causing some head scratching among commentators.

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Finance and Divorce Update August 2016

Edward Heaton, Principal Associate and Jane Booth, Associate, both of Mills & Reeve LLP, analyse the news and case law relating to financial remedies and divorce during July 2016.

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Does a recent Court of Appeal decision provide post-Brexit guidance for financial remedy claims?

One of the many issues for family lawyers to grapple with following June's EU referendum vote is how this will impact on financial remedy claims.

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Twenty-four may be a big number

Rhys Taylor has recently published Another Witches’ Brew,  his definitive paper on pensions and divorce.

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