Should I proceed in Dubai or UK for divorce?

Byron James barrister, Expatriate Law (United Arab Emirates) considers the interaction between UK family law and divorce proceedings in Dubai.

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Special guardianship orders: are they being used safely?

Recent serious case reviews have highlighted a perhaps unforeseen danger in the huge rise of special guardianship orders, prompting experts to question how safe they are.

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'Grandparents, we love you'

There are no emotional winners in a divorce or separation. What separating parents must also remember is that, through no fault of their own, the children and other members of their family may be hurting.

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Finance and Divorce Update April 2017

Sue Brookes, Senior Associate with Mills & Reeve LLP analyses the news and case law relating to financial remedies and divorce during March 2017.

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AI and tech hold the key to reforming divorce costs

Lawyer-led process faces increasing competition from innovators.

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Sauce for the goose: the origin of legal clichés

This article is not intended as a pious sermon against clichés ... It is a consideration of five of the more unusual sayings that have become commonplace, to the extent that they are frequently cited in court as though they have quasi-legal authority.

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All fair in love and war? Owens v Owens [2017] EWCA Civ 182

They say that all is fair in love and war, but it might not seem that way for Mrs Owens who, following a recent Court of Appeal decision, is deemed to remain in a loveless marriage having been unable to persuade the Court that her husband's behaviour was such that she cannot reasonably be expected to live with him.

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The Great EU Repeal Bill White Paper and family law

David Hodson responds to the government White Paper in respect of legislating for the UK withdrawal from the EU.

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Disguised Compliance – Or Undisguised Nonsense?

Paul Hart, barrister of 15 Winckley Square, discusses a term (and its appropriateness) which has become ubiquitous in social work statements in recent years.

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Picking the ‘right’ cases for FDAC – is it possible?

When evidence of promising outcomes for families began to emerge from the evaluation of FDAC this prompted a further question about whether it was possible to predict which families were going to be successful in FDAC and, linked to this, which were the ‘right’ cases to select for FDAC.

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Independent Reviewing Officers – myths and misunderstandings continue

Professor Jonathan Dickens, University of East Anglia, Norwich, considers some of the strengths and limitations of the IRO service, drawing on recent debates and the findings of a research study conducted between 2012-14.

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Domestic Child Abduction – Legal Responses

Edward Devereux QC, Dr Rob George and Edward Bennett of Harcourt Chambers consider the legal options for the left behind parent where his or her child has been taken by the other parent to another part of England and Wales.

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Privacy and financial remedy proceedings

Ryan Giggs, in his divorce from Stacey Giggs, is the latest high-profile individual to seek press reporting restrictions in respect of financial remedy proceedings in the family court.

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