The divorce surgery: one couple, one lawyer

What would the family lawyer do, presented with a blank piece of paper and tasked with the design of a new road-map for resolving financial and children disputes?

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What happens to pan-European child protection post Brexit?

There is considerable uncertainty about the future of family law post-Brexit. One area which has received relatively little attention is the impact of Brexit on children with European connections who are in need of protection by the state.

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A reminder (from abroad) on the importance on complying with court orders

In Senna & Aldenberg & Anor, a mother of two(aged approximately eight and nine years old) and her own mother (the grandmother) were imprisoned following their failure to comply with Orders of a Family Law Court in Australia.

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Why do we separate the mother and child victims of domestic abuse?

Article in Tuesday's Guardian newspaper about the blame that is placed on victims of domestic abuse and the failure to prosecute perpetrators who pose a risk to children.

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Getting ready for Brexit

This article summarises some of the potential implications for family law of the UK exiting the EU, and resources available in relation to both Brexit generally and family law specifically.

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Litigants in Person – an inherent problem with the justice system

Matthew Richardson, barrister at Coram chambers considers the fundamental problem with re-shaping our justice system around a huge increase in litigants in person, caused by the removal of legal aid provision from most cases.

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Family law in the EU draft Withdrawal Agreement

David Hodson outlines coverage of family law matters in the draft EU Withdrawal Agreement.

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Family seeks court’s approval for administration of treatment

Private Client analysis: Gethin Thomas, barrister at 39 Essex Chambers, considers the case of University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust v KG. Cohen J dealt with an application to grant authority to administer a pioneering treatment for a neurodegenerative brain disease.

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Speech by Lord Justice McFarlane: Bond Solon Experts Conference 2018

The role of experts in family proceedings.

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This Is How Parents Cope In Court With No Lawyer When Access To Their Kids Is At Stake

Exclusive: New research seen by BuzzFeed News shows that the number of people being turned away by family lawyers has risen fourfold since 2014.

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Case close-up: IQ v JP

European Union – Family proceedings. Art 15, BIIA should be interpreted as not applying in circumstances, such as those in the main proceedings, in which both courts seised had jurisdiction as to the substance of the matter under arts 12 and 8, respectively, of that regulation.

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Opinion - De Gafforj case: Another Missed Opportunity?

The Court of Appeal granted in September Anne Orenga de Gafforj a Hadkinson Order, preventing her husband from pursuing his appeal against the Order of District Judge Hudd of April 2017, unless he complied with a Legal Services Payment Order made in her favour.

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The Advocate and the Expert in the Court of Protection

The aim of this article is to explore the practical interface between the advocate and the expert in proceedings before the Court of Protection, and is written for both lawyers and experts.

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Financial Remedy & Divorce Update, November 2018

Sue Brookes Principal Associate and Rose-Marie Drury Senior Associate, for Mills & Reeve LLP analyse the news and case law relating to financial remedies and divorce during October 2018.

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Children's sibling relationships 'at risk' in case and adoption proceedings

The significance attached to sibling relationships in care and adoption proceedings can be routinely outweighed by other factors, according to a new report funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

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Do visa changes in the Emirates really help divorcees?

Lucy Greenwood read the news that UAE visa rules for divorcees were changing as from Sunday 21 October 2018 and she was - tentatively and cautiously - hopeful.

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